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Moon over Montana
The London Séance Society
The Rachel incident
The Heaven & Earth Grocery Store
The librarianist a novel
The book spy
Mrs. Nash
Learned by heart
Bad summer people
The pale-faced lie : a true story
Only the dead : a thriller
Dressed to drill
Muddled through
Blessing of the lost girls
Finding us
Red flags
The celebrants a novel
The spider a killer instinct novel
The secret book of Flora Lea a novel
The secret to happiness
The lost English girl
Zero days
The happiness plan
A little ray of sunshine
Good dog, bad cop
Just another missing person
Obsessed a Michael Bennett psychological thriller
Save what
Tides of fire
Her Amish springtime miracle
Nantucket weddings
Circle of death
The beach at Summerly : a novel
A curious incident
A Nantucket affair
Nantucket threads
Dead Mountain
Must love flowers : a novel
Lion & Lamb
The summer skies a novel
Everyone here is lying
Tom Lake a novel
Out of nowhere
After that night .
A brighter dawn