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New Books
Outer space
Pokémon journeys. Vol. 3
I love you, my little unicorn
The Bad Guys in Open wide and say arrrgh!
Chrysalis : a thriller
The elephant girl
Remember love : a Ravenswood novel
The total eclipse of Nestor Lopez
The it girl
Switchboard soldiers : a novel
Veil of winter
Holy chow
An island wedding : a novel
Flowers are pretty weird!
Sugar and salt : a novel
The bridge
Grace under fire
The 6:20 man : a thriller
Perfectly imperfect Mira
Big problems, little problems
New glasses
The big dark sky
The second husband : a novel
Come and see
The patient : a novel
New pets on the block
A seed grows
Lulu and Zoey : a sister story
Portrait of an unknown woman
Friends : understanding the power of our most important relationships